Masks With Charcoal

Features Of Using Cosmetic Masks With Charcoal

A home face mask with activated charcoal gives a very good and lasting result. When using the mask 1-2 times a week, the appearance of the skin changes significantly for the better: the pores are cleaned and reduced, various neoplasms disappear on the face, and metabolic processes improve at the cellular level. The skin is saturated with oxygen, which gives it a fresh and well-groomed appearance.

Activated charcoal is effective and used for treatment by adults and children. Most often it is used for dispersion, flatulence, poisoning, salmonellosis, dysentery, liver cirrhosis, atopic dermatitis, metabolic disorders, and obesity. Initially, tablets with activated charcoal were used only for the treatment of diseases of the internal organs of man. But recently they have been actively used for other purposes: purifying water, losing weight, caring for plants. They found their place in cosmetology.

Masks With Charcoal

Activated charcoal is a safe and natural remedy obtained by burning certain types of wood (most often used for production is birch, oak, pine, spruce, poplar). Activated charcoal retains almost all the beneficial properties of natural wood. Its chemical composition includes such components as oxygen, hydro charcoal, and hydrogen. Keep reading

Masks with oxygen experts advise using those who want to get rid of wrinkles, strengthen the elasticity of the skin, and remove acne eruptions. Hydro charcoals in the cosmetic make up a protective film that softens the skin, and also provide a good sliding effect in massage and baby creams. Hydrogen is one of the most famous antiseptics, which have found application in home cosmetology. In a complex, these chemical elements normalize all metabolic processes at the cellular level and purify the pores of various kinds of contamination.

Cosmetic products with activated charcoal are used for the following purposes:

  • Elimination of black spots and prevention of their appearance in the future;
  • Blocking of such foci of inflammation as acne and acne, healing them, reducing the range of their spread;
  • Prevention of inflammatory processes on the skin;
  • Smoothing the skin relief, eliminating small wrinkles;
  • Giving the skin a beautiful, healthy color;
  • Deep cleaning of pores from contaminants.

Masks with activated charcoal are indicated for such skin problems:

  • In the presence of foci of inflammation on the face: acne and acne;
  • At contamination of pores;
  • With a fat type of skin;
  • With unhealthy complexion;
  • If there are black dots;
  • When the skin fades and wrinkles.

Cosmetic means with activated charcoal are contraindicated in case of allergy to the components of the preparation, ulcers, purulent lesions, open wounds on the face. You should also know that the mask with charcoal cannot be used immediately if you have just squeezed out a pimple or made a thorough cleansing of the face. The mask cannot be used too often. Optimum use – 1 time in 1-2 weeks. If there are a lot of acne on the skin and contaminants, then it can be applied 1-2 times a week.

To prepare the mask, use pills that have not expired. Overdue activated charcoal will not give the desired effect, in addition, it will be very difficult to refine it. The allergic reaction to the drug is very rare, but it is recommended to make a special test before using any mask. To do this, you need to put a little money on your wrist, wait 30 minutes and rinse with water. If there is a rash, redness or a burning sensation on this place, then the mask cannot be used.

To do this, tilt your head over a hot tub with a decoction of herbs, cover the top with a towel and hold on for 5 minutes. This procedure will help to open the pores, which will allow them to be more deeply cleansed. Mask with charcoal is convenient to use when visiting a sauna or taking a hot bath. However, remember that this mask is black and frightening, so do not scare your loved ones.

Tablets with charcoal before being added to the mask are thoroughly ground to a powdery state. The mask can be applied not to the entire face, but only to problem areas. The exposure time is 10 min. After that, the mask is rinsed off with warm water, rubbed with a tonic (to close the pores), and a nourishing cream is applied.

The recipe for a mask with gelatin: grind 1-2 tablets of coal, mix with 1 tsp. gelatin (in granules) and add 2 tsp. clean water, mix thoroughly. When the granules dissolve a little, lightly heat the mixture in a microwave. Slightly cool the mixture if it overheats, and apply to the skin with a brush. The mask will soon become a kind of film, it will need to be removed after 10 minutes. This tool very well removes black dots on the skin.

The recipe for a mask with black clay: 1 crushed tablet mixed with 1 tsp. black clay and dilute the mixture of 1 tbsp. l. warm milk and 1 tsp. gelatin. Stir thoroughly, heat and apply with a brush. Keep on the skin for 10 minutes.

The recipe for a mask with orange and yogurt: 1 crushed tablet mixed with 2 tbsp. l. yogurt and 1 tsp. orange juice. During the application of the mask, massage the skin lightly with the pads of the fingers on the massage lines. Hold the mask for 10 minutes, and then rinse with a decoction of herbs. Instead of orange juice, you can also use lemon juice, mandarin, apple, rose, current or strawberry – choose according to your taste. The main thing that your skin liked. This mask can be used if there is no allergy to citrus fruits. Remember that you cannot go out immediately after using any mask.

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