facial skin care in winter

Features of facial skin care in winter

Volumetric down jackets and natural fur coats reliably protect us from winter frosts. But the skin of the face is deprived of such protection; it is forced to endure all the delights of changeable weather. How can you help her survive the most severe season without an irreversible loss? Below I will tell you about skin care in winter.

In addition to the frost, a sharp change in temperature hurts. Especially it affects the capillaries and small vessels, which on the face are located very close to the surface of the skin and do not have reliable fat protection. Sharply narrowing and expanding many times a day, they are damaged, lose elasticity and appear as an ugly vascular on the face, Contributes to this and improper care, not taking into account the season and temperature on the street.

Another obvious consequence of the frosty winter is the peeling and dryness of the skin. The reason – all the same temperature changes, plus insufficient moisture and nourishment for skin care in winter. Central heating turns the air in a room into a real desert, removing even a hint of moisture from it. To maintain moisturizing of the skin in such conditions is very difficult. However, the correct approach to the question will help to minimize the appearance of troubles. Check this article http://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/gallery/winter-skin-saviours

Let’s consider 5 basic receptions of facial skin care in the winter period

  • Washing and cleansing the face;
  • Moisturizing the skin
  • Food (cream)
  • Protection against couperose;
  • Decorative cosmetics.

Washing and cleansing

facial skin care in winter

Any cleaning procedures should be carried out in advance, and not before the very exit to frost. To wash it is necessary to water of a room temperature (not cold and not hot – it will be one more stress for capillaries, and now and so it gets to them). For deep cleansing, it is better to take delicate products that do not lead to microtrauma. This is gentle gommage and peelings, and not crude scrubs and funds based on soap or alcohol. Cleansing should not completely remove from the skin a layer of sebum protecting it. And does it better by making sure that at least a few hours will not have to go out.

Moisturizing the skin

Features of facial skin care in winter

Moistening of the face skin in winter should be more intense than in other seasons. But here too the rule is to spend them at night, or at least a few hours before the exit. In general, this principle is true for all caring procedures during this period. Moisture that does not have time to be in the deep layers of the skin behaves according to the entire law of physics: it expands when it freezes and breaks the tissues surrounding it. The consequences for the skin can be irreplaceable.


The issue of nourishing the face in winter is important enough. Different creams and home masks most effectively promote the preservation of elasticity and stress resistance of the skin. For winter, more fat options are suitable – this will help create a protective layer on the skin.

Special creams are applied for half an hour before the forced exit to frost – so the moisturizing components can be absorbed deep enough, and the fatty fractions will cover the skin with a protective film. As nutritious masks for facial skin in winter, it is useful to use vegetable oils (shea, olive, cocoa butter), adding them to fatty sour cream or cream.

Protection against couperose

In addition to all the above procedures and careful attention to timely moisturizing, it is useful to include in your diet products that affect the elasticity of the vessels. Necessary to be present vitamins A, E, C. protecting the vessels from the inside, you can add an oily mixture of vitamins and to the masks that affect the skin from the outside. If, however, couperose is manifested, you will have to resort to chemist’s products containing, extracts of horse chestnut or linden.

Decorative cosmetics

If in the summer a thick layer of decorative cosmetics causes bewilderment, then when caring for the face skin in the winter it can become an additional protection. All means should be denser and fat but taking into account the condition and features of the skin, so as not to lead to even greater problems. It is also important that cosmetics contain UV filters – in the winter, the sun is deceptive, and the reflective properties of snow enhance its harmful effects.