Take care of your face in the summer

10 tips to take care of your face in the summer

Summer is coming, so we must plan how to protect our skin from the sun’s rays and look radiant. According to the Mexican Society of Oncology (SMEO), skin cancer is a series of diseases of the proliferative type that originate in our skin cover, due to solar radiation and genetic factors, among others. This is why we present 10 tips to take care of your face this summer.

  1. SUN

    The sun in summer is characteristic and we love to enjoy it, but its intensity can damage our skin. According to research from the University of California, if our skin burns with the sun and we present redness, pain, itching and swelling, it is because the RNA of the cells in our skin is damaged. Do not forget to bring sunscreen.


    Research from the Polytechnic University (UP) , in Italy, indicate that strawberry extract protects our skin from UVA radiation, this finding is the first step towards new treatments that protect against radiation. Consume strawberries this summer and protect your skin.


    John Boorhees, a dermatologist at the University of Michigan (USA), says that collagen consists of proteins that form a support structure around skin cells, so it is important to choose a cream that includes this component.


    Most doctors recommend a sun protection factor of 30 or higher, waterproof. Do not go out this summer without him. You should apply touch-ups every two hours, at least and avoid exposure to the sun between 10:00 and 16:00 hrs, since in this interval the radiation is greater.

  5. HATS

    This time is ideal to demonstrate your originality and sophistication with a nice hat choose one that is light and wide-brimmed so that it protects you better from the sun’s rays, also on the beach a woven hat is perfect to combine with your swimsuit.


    Eye bags? The sun’s rays can accentuate them and make your face look tired. One way to choose your sunglasses better is to consider the shape of your face: if it is oval, make it around the frame, but if your face is round, choose a square frame.

  7. WATER

    When we expose ourselves to the sun, we are losing liquids; In addition, when swimming, walking or jumping on the sand we are doing physical activity that involves lots of water. Do not forget to hydrate yourself; do not go out without natural water. Check this article also https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/beauty/summer-skin-care-tips-you-must-follow-this-season/articleshow/57911669.cms


    If you spent the previous months doing exercise routines and maintaining a balanced diet to look amazing in that bikini, avoid consuming this type of drinks because they will cause abdominal swelling and can make you feel uncomfortable and your skin looks dry.


    Remember that after being at sea we can store lots of salt in our hair and skin, which will make her look “stiff” and lifeless. Take a warm bath before sleeping and exfoliate your face with a little sugar and lemon, after which an ice passes. The next day you will notice your skin fresher and smoother.

  10. SLEEP

    We know it is summer and you want to have fun, but despite this, it is important to maintain adequate sleep time, to avoid signs of fatigue and dryness in your skin.

Take care of your face in the summer

The Mexican Society of Oncology (SMEO) also indicates that in Mexico there are around 1,000 cases of skin cancer each year, considered the cancer that increases more rapidly, since the incidence doubles every 10 years. Remember to protect your skin to enjoy summer without risks. Ready to take care of your skin naturally?

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