What are the opinions on the black mask

The opinions on the black mask are very different from each other and all this depends on the type of product used. According to some women, the mask cannot remove the black spots and impurities, in the sense that they are not visible on the film eliminated.

This depends on the type of product and the degree of acne and blackheads subjective, generally, if you choose a mask with activated charcoal and soap the degree of purification is high. Even if the blackheads are not eradicated, the pores will still be clean and the complexion will be fresher and cleaner.

According to most of the websites and the opinions available and of women who once tried the black mask, this did not give the desired result, but the real and consistent results are highlighted in the long term.black mask

On average to see the skin clearly without acne and especially blackheads, the product must be used for at least one or two months, depending on the individual case.

In addition to the black mask, it is also important to cleanse the face in the morning and in the evening with the right product and always use a specific moisturizer for your skin type.

Not only that, even the quality of makeup used can make the difference, in fact, many cosmetics occlude the pores. And stimulate more production of sebum so that acne and blackheads also increase visibly.

If you will be consistent with the application of the mask you will certainly notice excellent results by following a precise process aimed at your needs. find out Actinera, to get more.

Are there any contraindications?black mask

The black mask has no particular contraindications, what must be evaluated is the personal sensitivity towards certain components of the mask. In fact, before buying it, it is a good idea to read the ingredients. And make sure that the charcoal also Aleppo African black soap are present, or at least one of the two.

Otherwise, the mask will be black for added dyes and in any case it could purify the skin from acne and blackheads, but not with the proper efficiency of coal and soap.

However, the black mask is not recommended for those who have a particularly delicate skin. If you are undecided used on a small portion of skin and keep it in place no more than 8 minutes.

If you have not found outbursts or itching in the following days then you can use the mask. But do not keep it too much. It is recommended after use to clean the skin of the face with micellar water without rinsing or with neutral detergent milk.

It is also good to spread a veil of usual moisturizing cream after using the black mask. In this way, the pores will be free. And the active ingredients of the cream will penetrate even better and deeper. However, if you are undecided and have particular skin problems ask the doctor. Or dermatologist, who will advise you the right product. Perhaps to combine with a daily beauty routine that can make your skin even more purified.  Free from blackheads and acne.